ActiveIQ & Pipedrive

Sync data like prospects and companies, with web activity, from ActiveIQ into Pipedrive CRM. From there you can use Pipedrive to help manage your leads and sales pipeline through to making your next big sale.

How to Connect ActiveIQ to Pipedrive

Copy your API Key from Pipedrive

  1. Log into your Pipedrive account
  2. Click on your name in the top left corner, then Settings
    Click on Personal, and then API
  3. Copy the API token

Add your API Key to ActiveIQ

  1. Choose Configure > Connectors from the main menu
  2. Under Pipedrive, click the “Setup your Pipedrive Account” button
  3. Enter your Pipedrive API token and click the “Save” button

That’s all you need to do! Your integration is ready to go.

How It Works

You can manually add any Company, Prospect, Lead, or Contact to Pipedrive by viewing the prospect’s profile, and click either the “Pipedrive” button at the top of the screen or by checking the “Activity on Pipedrive” checkbox.

You can also choose to automatically upload leads or companies to Pipedrive that reach your desired minimum lead score (based on activity and interest levels).

These options are available on all screens in the Sales section of ActiveIQ – Companies, Prospects, Leads, Contacts.

What’s Up Next

We’re excited to let you know we’re expanding and improving our Pipedrive integration in the near future! You’ll have some added features and capabilities, like:

  • Updating or creating organizations with additional information, depending on what you already have entered in Pipedrive
  • Auto-uploading new activities for each person or organization on a periodic basis to Pipedrive, including things like web page visits, form fills, and downloads

Stay tuned for updates!


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