Account-Based Marketing & Sales System to Identify, Target, High Value Accounts

Company Overview

ActiveIQ was founded on the thesis that digital technology can provide game-changing intelligence for a company’s sales team . Our Account-Based Marketing & sales systems focus resources on winning business from current and future customers. It is designed specifically for this purpose and encompasses sales intelligence, digital advertising and marketing-to-sales workflow. To this end, we developed a suite of technology-driven solutions including a robust platform, alongside our team of marketing operations experts, to help business to business companies optimize their time and resources, expand into new markets, and generate a consistent, qualified sales funnel.

Our exclusive AdConnect™ solution works especially well with global digital media, and has consistently provided customers with 10-30X more ROI compared to most marketing campaigns, by generating in-market sales opportunities, go-to-market strategies and using ActiveIntelligence™ to outsell their competitors.


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