The essential guide to getting better results from industrial sales & marketing

Business-to-business (B2B) buyers now conduct more than two-thirds of their decision making research online (Bain & Company, 2015).

Get simple and straightforward advice on adapting to this shift in the industrial sales cycle and discover how to connect with more potential customers.

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What’s in the guide?

Marketing: Engaging Digital Buyers

Industrial buyers are already looking for the solutions your business offers. Learn effective techniques industrial businesses can use to get found by interested prospects online.

  • Consumer vs. Industrial Marketing
  • Taking Search Engines Seriously
  • You (Probably) Don’t Need a New Website
  • The Goal of Your Website: Encourage Conversion
  • Simple Tips to Convert Better

Sales: Moving Past Order Taking

Online resources give industrial buyers information, specifications, and reviews with the click of a button. Learn how to build a sales approach that engages this new wave of prospects.

  • Writing Effective Industrial Sales Emails
  • The Art of Warm Calling
  • Improving Sales Call Success
  • Closing Industrial Sales With Multiple Buyers
  • How to Find Sales Lead Contact Information

“The lean manufacturing revolution profoundly altered the business world as companies reinvented how they built things to be more efficient and productive. We believe it’s time that companies apply that same level of scrutiny and commitment to marketing and sales.”