ActiveIQ Emphasizes the Importance of Digital Marketing for B2B Businesses

Calgary, AB – Marketing technology firm ActiveIQ has released its quarterly digital marketing advice for B2B businesses and recommends that industrial B2B companies take a second look at social media as a viable business generation tool.

Traditionally, most industrial businesses have viewed social media as a tool for strictly B2C companies who are looking to connect with and have conversations with customers. The online community for B2B businesses hasn’t traditionally been as strong or as willing to engage.

This quarters’ advice suggests that is changing.

“As a B2B internet marketing company, we understand that many B2B companies are skeptical about using social media to enhance their internet marketing strategies,” said Renee Matsalla, ActiveIQ’s Marketing & Customer Success Manager.  “The truth is, B2B companies can use social media to enhance their marketing strategy.”

The most recent advice is a series of articles which focus on three key concepts for industrial businesses: the basics of inbound marketing, the value of marketing automation, and the use of LinkedIn by B2B companies to enhance their digital strategy. All three articles can be found on ActiveIQ’s B2B Marketing Blog

For companies in the industrial sector, many of whom may not have a complete digital marketing strategy, this advice can have significant impacts on the bottom line.

“Industrial Inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing leads” pointed out Matsalla.

ActiveIQ is North America’s leading provider of marketing technology and services for businesses operating in the industrial sector. ActiveIQ helps industrial businesses diversify their customer base, grow revenue, and reach new markets. Since 2004 ActiveIQ has completed over 500 projects helping businesses identify opportunities in their target markets and has been nominated by Deloitte as a Tech Company to Watch for its technology and thought leadership.

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