ActiveIQ & EventWorx Partner To Help Companies Get More Leads Out Of Trade Shows

Calgary, Alberta (April 17, 2018)ActiveIQ is pleased to announce their partnership with EventWorx. Their partnership provides trade show exhibitors with a complete solution to get 5-10X more leads out of their advertising, digital exhibitor profile, and trade show spend throughout the year. This system provides exhibitors with a marked advantage over their competitors by offering a simple method of capturing and maintaining contact with event leads.

The future of service and supply is a merging of in-person and digital channels as the way we research and communicate for business prospects and leads. Face-to-face communication still holds importance in the world of marketing and sales, but it isn’t enough on its own. By using the right digital channels, your interaction with leads can improve exponentially – which in turn improves the quantity and quality of your leads, as well as making it easier for you to develop meaningful relationships with the attendees.

Wes Scott, President of EventWorx, summarized the basis of the partnership by saying “Creating an engaging place to do business is at the heart of what in-person events should be. Equally important is the concept of developing conversations and relationships between our customers year-round, not just the few days of the physical event.  Business between service and supply and their clients cannot wait until a particular day in the calendar.”

In today’s world, effectively managing a trade show starts long before the actual event and continues well after it’s over. With ActiveIQ and EventWorx’s partnership, exhibitors can be confident that their finger is on the pulse of every attendee, ensuring they never miss out on a potential lead.



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Gail Moch
Marketing & Sales Coordinator