ActiveIQ Joins the Sales Lead Management Association as a High-Visibility Sponsor

Bellevue, WA – James Obermayer, CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association, announced that ActiveIQ is now a High-Visibility sponsor for the SLMA.

“We are intrigued that ActiveIQ provides a single tool to measure marketing and enhance sales,” he said. “Their sales and marketing platform for industrial companies uses an “intelligence process” to nurture and advance the most likely sales prospects through the sales cycle.  Measurement seems to be their mantra and that fits nicely with the Sales Lead Management Association’s 8,200 members.”

Fred Yee, CEO of ActiveIQ commented:

“ActiveIQ is proud to be a sponsor of SLMA, which represents companies that are leaders in sales lead generation and management. ActiveIQ’s leadership in sales and marketing systems for manufacturers, distributors and other industrial sectors fit well with SLMA’s goals.”.

About ActiveIQ – Sales Results and Marketing Measurement

ActiveIQ is the leading sales and marketing technology firm in North America for industrial companies.  Since 2004, its team has helped generate revenue through more than 500 successful projects by applying its repeatable sales and marketing system.  This unique system helps companies expand into new markets and mature in existing ones through generation, management and conversion of sales opportunities.

ActiveIQ Platform

The ActiveIQ software, developed in 2007, has become the leader in lead nurturing, demand generation, and lead management software for industrial companies. The ActiveIQ platform ties the entire sales and marketing system into a repeatable and scalable solution, and provides a single tool to help measure marketing and optimize sales.  ActiveIQ’s products and services have been well received by business due to their ease of use, affordability, and sales results.

About the Sales Lead Management Association

The mission of the Sales Lead Management Association is to help companies become successful in the critical business process of managing sales leads.  The SLMA has 8,258 worldwide members and offers a membership directory, member-to-member discounts, and a website with 280-plus articles from 60 industry authors.

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