ActiveIQ’s Introduces Free Jigsaw Data for the SMB market

Calgary, Canada¬† [January 27, 2009] — ActiveIQ, the leading marketing automation solution provider in the SMB market for B2B marketing, today announced the introduction of free Jigsaw Data for its software as a service (SaaS) based automated marketing platform.

SMB customers will now be able to get what the large companies get – explicit data on companies that they are selling to. So in addition to knowing what companies are interested in your products and services, ActiveIQ will automatically display the interested company’s estimated number of employees, revenue, industry and location. This capability, which used to cost thousands of dollars per year from credit database providers, is supplied for free and included in all ActiveIQ subscriptions.

As the technology leader in total marketing measurement (TMM) and demand generation for SMB’s in the B2B market, ActiveIQ also released auto lead routing as an evolution of their marketing automation solution. The recently released version enables automatic lead routing based on user defined parameters including geographic location and custom tags. So now your inbound leads can auto route directly to the sales team once they meet your lead qualifying parameters.

“We remain committed to our goal of balancing simplicity of use with the power of automated marketing,” said Fred Yee, President of ActiveIQ. “Our latest release is a testament to that continued commitment by delivering more information to your sales team for develop qualified leads and to quickly route that to the appropriate sales person for follow-up”. ActiveIQ continues to provide the B2B marketers with an automated marketing solution that leverages their marketing resources. “Our goal is to put your inbound marketing efforts on auto-pilot,” said Fred Yee, “with greater than 85% of B2B buyers initiating their search on the Internet, you want to be sure you know when they’re visiting your website and what they’re interested in when they’re visiting.”

With an easy to adopt monthly subscription rate, ActiveIQ provides you the power of automated marketing and provides you with the interface and utilities to Generate, Manage and Convert your inbound marketing leads from early prospect through to sales revenue. In today’s B2B marketing, search on the Internet and your website are the first point of contact between buyer and seller. ActiveIQ simply provides you with the resources to ensure you’re leveraging and maximizing your marketing investments. A comprehensive view of the features and functionality of ActiveIQ can be viewed on our website

Visit for more information on the product, and for a free 30-day trial subscription you can sign-up @

About ActiveIQ:

ActiveIQ is the technology leader in total marketing measurement (TMM) and demand generation for SMBs. We help companies manage marketing ROI on multiple marketing campaigns and know which leads are sales-ready. Our product automates lead nurturing, scoring and demand generation so that you can do more marketing with fewer resources. ActiveIQ helps over 100 users make intelligent sales and marketing decisions every day. We are a proud partner of, VerticalResponse, Jigsaw, Google and many other industry leaders. For more information, please visit or call 1-877-872-2764.