Oilman Magazine Joins The ActiveIQ Publisher Network

CALGARY, AB (June 18, 2019) – ActiveIQ, the leading provider of industrial conversion software, announced that it has partnered with Oilman Magazine to expand its offering of advanced analytics for industrial advertising.

Oilman Magazine is a major US publication the provides quality, relevant and timely oil and gas content to readers across North America. Their advertising reaches a niche audience of buyers in the oil and gas industry; making it an ideal advertising channel for product and service companies across North America.

Oilman Magazine’s integration with ActiveIQ means that advertisers in the publication can now gain access to advanced analytics relevant to their campaign results. These advanced analytics include the ability to identify who is interacting with their advertisements and content and the journey they take post-click. From first touch to final sale, the ActiveIQ gives the advertiser insight into ROI, attribution, and the complexities of their sales cycle.

President of ActiveIQ, Fred Yee shared “We are excited to be including Oilman Magazine in the ActiveIQ Publisher Network and just as excited to be working with their advertisers and bring our advertisers into their network. I am confident the partnership will drive great results for our joint customers.”

Emmanuel Sullivan, Publisher of Oilman Magazine continued “ActiveIQ is the perfect solution that will allow our customers to view advertising data beyond the first click. We’re excited about the partnership and the benefits it will provide our magazine and customers.”

By leveraging Oilman Magazine’s unique audience and ActiveIQ’s powerful technology, this partnership will provide exceptional value to industrial companies looking to advertise in specialized oil and gas publications.



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To learn more about ActiveIQ and Oilman Magazine, visit www.ActiveIQ.com and www.oilmanmagazine.com.

Gail Moch
Marketing Manager