The Next Evolution Of The Media Industry

More and more advertisers are doubting the value of media advertising

This is due in part to lengthy sales cycles. Depending on the industry, a sale can occur 3-12 months after a lead sees the ad or content. By this point, the advertiser has forgotten where the lead came from. We ensure that doesn’t happen & provide the advertiser with the sales intelligence to pursue leads that have shown interest – even if the sales cycle is much further out.

52% of advertisers cite difficulties in accurately measuring ROI as their biggest source of frustration

And if they can’t see ROI, they assume there is none.

ActiveIQ makes intent-driven advertising and marketing work

We give both media companies and their advertisers a system that makes advertising work in ways it couldn’t before our technology. Our world-class platform enables publishers to generate scored leads, prove attribution, and empower their advertisers to nurture leads efficiently, resulting in unparalleled advertiser satisfaction and retention.

Your niche and industry-specific content can be used to generate qualified leads for advertisers.

When interested leads click on the ads and content. These leads can be shared seamlessly and immediately with the advertiser.

The leads are then tracked across websites so that the advertiser can see intent, attribution, and follow the buyer’s journey.

Combining intent with identity resolution across domains gives advertisers clear ROI

We connect the outputs of advertising, marketing, and trade shows to later purchases, providing lead attribution and making the ad/content work to create a sale.

And our media partners’ results speak for themselves.


60% of our media partners’ top advertisers use ActiveIQ


10X more leads are attributed to advertising with you


Exponentially increase revenue generation from your subscriber base


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